Waiting room in the bathhouse

A place to relax or just a changing room

There is no bathhouse where there would not be a room in which people will undress and spend time after the steam room. The dressing room, which is exactly what this room is called, is an integral part of the bath house. Many people prefer to treat it with disdain, but in fact this room is much more important than it might seem at first glance.

The dressing room has long ceased to be a simple locker room, although it is here that it is customary to leave your clothes to go to the steam room. If the bathhouse does not have a second floor, then a room for communication over a glass of kvass is made in the dressing room. That is why it is simply impossible to overestimate the importance of this room. And if so, then we will finish it accordingly.

The dressing room is an important part of any bathhouse

The interior can be modest and stylish at the same time

Like many jobs in a bathhouse, it is quite possible to do a dressing room with your own hands. I will show this with my own example. But first, let's look at what should be in this useful room. As a rule, there is always a window in the dressing room to allow natural light into the room. It can also be used to ventilate the dressing area. But to this source of light and fresh air it is worth adding additional ventilation. It can be brought out through the wall, although many are considering the option of using the roof.

Floors - you can’t live without them

You should start equipping the dressing room by installing high-quality and reliable floors. This element of the bathhouse is very important, and especially for this room. The floors must be insulated, since the dressing room should always be dry, warm and cozy. This is the rest room.

The dressing room is an important part of any bathhouse

Ceramic tile flooring - a practical solution for a dressing room

I will use mineral wool as insulation, as it retains heat well and does not allow cold air flows to penetrate inside the dressing room. In addition, this material is not flammable, which is important for the wooden structure that the floor has. In addition, this insulation is quite easy to install with your own hands.

I will use oak as the flooring in the dressing room, although you can also use larch. Hardwood is more resistant to abrasion, so for the most walk-through room, oak floors will be very useful. Do not forget that oak is resistant to moisture, which causes rot and fungal attack. And since we will leave the steam room for the dressing room with wet feet, this factor is also significant.

The dressing room is an important part of any bathhouse

Classic of the genre - wooden floor in the dressing room

The floor in the dressing room should be multi-layered. It will look like this:

  1. Joists or transfers on which the subfloor is reinforced underneath;
  2. A vapor barrier film that will release accumulating water molecules and prevent mineral wool from getting wet;
  3. A layer of insulation, the thickness of which is determined depending on the climatic conditions of the area;
  4. A waterproofing layer, for which you can use a special film, but quite often a simple roofing material is used;
  5. The flooring is made of oak boards, which are the finishing element of this whole “pie”.

It is important to remember that there should be no fasteners protruding from the boards on the surface of the finishing layer. Self-tapping screws or nails must be installed in a countersunk position. The most rational solution is to fasten the boards into a groove, which will allow you to hide these metal floor parts forever.

The boards should also not have any flaws or knots that could damage your feet. After installation, I simply sanded them properly to give them the proper look.

How to furnish a dressing room


This article will tell you how to arrange a dressing room. Here you will learn about why it is needed and what it is. You will be able to properly arrange your own dressing room. This means that you can enjoy your time in this room, which will be furnished the way you want. It's worth it.

Beautiful dressing room in the bathhouse

So, what is a dressing room and why do we need it?

This is a medium-sized room, which serves for a pleasant rest after visiting the bathhouse. It is in the dressing room that you need to achieve that very pleasant atmosphere, that very pleasant relaxation after the hot minutes of the steam room. But not only the dressing room is used for relaxation! Arriving at the bathhouse, you should calmly undress, without thinking about how to take off your pants without getting them wet. When leaving the bathhouse, it’s the same; in a calm, dry environment you can get dressed without getting your outerwear wet. We use this room for this purpose.

Moreover, the arrangement of the dressing room itself is no less important. This is done so that it brings us pleasure in communicating with friends, and we cannot deny ourselves anything. This means that the dressing room needs a comfortable and ergonomic interior.

How to furnish a dressing room

For example, in the waiting room you can do everything in a simple way, and I don’t think it’s worth reinventing the wheel. An ordinary samovar, some floral decoration, as well as massive, strong wooden furniture.

Of course, no one forbids you to plunge into the very atmosphere in which the nobles and aristocrats lived. You can also choose this classic design for the dressing room. Furniture with curved legs, intricately designed shelves, and artistic wood carvings would be appropriate here. To emphasize the luxury of the decor, you can use stylized furniture upholstery or old-fashioned beautiful handmade tablecloths.

If you like stone, metal or glass so much, then we can offer the following: a remote firebox decorated with a glass window will be the best option for you. Then it’s worth adding a couple more functional and decorative elements made from metal parts or glass to the dressing room. For example, shelves trimmed with metal or transparent stylish cups.

Furniture with curved legs also looks good

We install furniture

Of course, we can say that a room is comfortable and functional if it has all the necessary furniture. What kind of furniture is needed in the dressing room? What can't you do without?

So, first of all, we definitely can’t do without a bench, a table and a clothes hanger. These are the most necessary items. But this does not mean that this is the end and nothing more is unnecessary. It would not be superfluous to have a small wooden chest of drawers or a small shelf for things made of metal, just like in the old days. There you can lay out tablecloths, a change of clothes or towels. The most important thing is that it is comfortable and looks good against the background of your dressing room. And it wouldn’t hurt to have a small refrigerator, an extra bench and a small TV.

If you look at how and what materials to use for the dressing room, then undoubtedly only wood will do. If the style is high-tech or modern, then use glass and stainless steel. If you want a sofa for yourself, then you should not take models that are covered with fabric, since in the conditions in which the sofa will stand, it is unlikely to last a long time. So how do you get out of this situation? The best option would be furniture made of leather or leatherette. Such furniture will give the dressing room a modern look and will be very functional and durable.

For many people, even genuine leather or ordinary leatherette will not seem very pleasant to the touch. People simply leave the steam room undressed, and in this case it is worth keeping either a furniture blanket or towels with you.

If you are thinking about how to decorate the dressing room itself, then try to use as little fabric elements as possible. Either you need to choose those materials that wash well or dry quickly.

If you have coal heating, then you will have to think about where to store it. Many people prefer to store it directly in the dressing room, putting it in a special box or chest. Moreover, a beautiful “carved” or “forged” chest will solve not only the problem of storing coal, but will also decorate your dressing room even more.

Bench and table in the dressing room


In general, there are no specific criteria for setting up your own dressing room. Fantasize, think and look for your own ideas and strive to decorate the dressing room in a beautiful, original way. So that you would be different from all other friends and relatives. In other words, it was original. Make sure you really enjoy spending time there. After all, each owner arranges it in his own way as he pleases. How you arrange it will be right for you. And it cannot be said that this particular dressing room is equipped correctly. After all, the main thing is that the owner and guests feel very comfortable, then we can successfully say that you managed to do what was needed.

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Walls - beauty and practicality

After installing the floor, the finishing of the dressing room smoothly transitions to the walls. Here everything will depend on the material from which the bathhouse itself is built. If it is brick or blocks, then it is quite acceptable to use plaster followed by painting. But to create comfort and coziness, I will take a wooden lining, which I will use to decorate the dressing room.

The dressing room is an important part of any bathhouse

Most often, the walls in the dressing room are finished with wooden lining

It is important to remember that comfort and coziness are simply impossible without insulation. Therefore, before you start installing wooden panels, you should take care of installing mineral wool or expanded polystyrene. The latter can only be taken if it has a special treatment that does not allow it to burn. To ensure the fire safety of the dressing room, mineral wool is more suitable. And all wooden structures should be treated with fire retardants.

The material for finishing a given room largely depends on what design of the dressing room was chosen by the owner of the bathhouse. Some people prefer deciduous wood, while others prefer coniferous wood. The direction of the boards is also determined by the owner, but in most cases the lining is attached vertically.

The dressing room is an important part of any bathhouse

The lining in the dressing room is most often mounted vertically

In addition to wall decoration, this material can also be used for ceilings. But I allow the use of moisture-resistant plywood to give this element of the dressing room a larger visual area. A smooth ceiling framed with a slats will also be convenient when caring for the dressing room. In addition, lighting fixtures can be installed without taking into account the impact on the boards.

To decorate the walls I have to prepare:

  • Vapor barrier film;
  • Insulation;
  • Waterproofing film;
  • Lining.

The dressing room is an important part of any bathhouse

Wood dressing room option

We must not forget about the frame to which the finishing material will be attached. For it you can use timber with a cross section of 50x50 mm. The quantity will depend on the installation, but I do not recommend making the distance between the guides more than 50 cm. As you can see, a dressing room with your own hands is not such a terrible thing.

Construction of a dressing room: preparation for new achievements

Small dressing room in the bathhouse

If you realize that the bathhouse needs more footage, then the best solution would be to erect a frame structure, since the walls in this case are erected quite quickly, and arranging the foundation will not require much effort - it is enough to make a shallow foundation.

A wooden frame has long ago become traditional for the Russian bathhouse, so it is necessary to properly prepare the wood. It needs treatment with several layers of antiseptic, otherwise the damp room will be captured by irreconcilable enemies - fungus and mold. Fire-fighting compounds won't hurt her either. Particular attention should be paid to fastening elements, which must be galvanized; other options, due to their sensitivity to moisture, are not considered.

The dressing room project is the first step towards defeating a cramped bathhouse. The minimum width of the room is 1 m, and for each family member (or friend) an area of ​​1.3 m2 is required. If the standard dimensions are 1.4 x 2.3 m, but only you can decide how much you need to increase them.

Before installing a wooden structure, all elements are carefully treated with protective and antiseptic compounds for wood.

Assembly is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Installation of the bottom trim from bars with a cross-section of 10 × 10 cm.
  2. Installation of corner posts, checking the correct installation of each element using a level.
  3. Installation of intermediate racks in 80 cm increments.
  4. Making the top trim from bars with a section of 8 × 8 cm.
  5. Installation of bracing strips in the outer corners to increase the rigidity of the finished structure.
  6. Fixing floor joists from unedged boards.
  7. Installation of elements under openings for doors and windows.
  8. The internal lining of the finished structure is made of membrane material, which provides protection from the penetration of wind and moisture.
  9. External wall cladding.

Features of the rest room

To get a truly stylish and cozy dressing room, you should think about its contents in advance. And here we will not talk about the design of walls or ceilings, but about furniture that will complement the interior of this room. The relaxation room must have all the necessary elements to provide the same comfort that is required after all the procedures that were used in the steam room. This means that a sofa or couch will not be superfluous.

The dressing room is an important part of any bathhouse

Minimum furniture set - table and chairs

In any case, in addition to this, you need to place a table in the dressing room. Otherwise, drinking and eating, as well as playing cards or backgammon, will be problematic. The presence of chairs or stools made of hardwood is not even discussed. Convenient hangers or even a full-fledged wardrobe will completely fill this room. All that remains is to connect the equipment and relaxation will be what you need.

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