How to choose and install an infrared shower cabin?

What are infrared emitters

The discovery of thermal radiation belongs to the British astronomer William Herschel.
The discovery was made in 1800, and they began to put it into practice only in the second half of the 20th century. The discoverers were, of course, the Japanese. Their doctors discovered the benefits of heat for the human body when heat waves penetrate deep into the body. The first artificial wave emitter was the zirconium heater. Zirconium retains heat well and therefore development began with it.

Later, other types of infrared heaters appeared. Industrial-type emitters were also produced in the Soviet Union, but, unfortunately, they were not widely used.

Today, throughout the world, thermal emitters are used in many industries and in everyday life. Among domestic applications, infrared saunas . For Europe and America, such saunas have become commonplace. It has now become fashionable for us to equip our home comfort with an infrared bath. Moreover, anyone can do this.

Home infrared sauna

For many, the question of having their own bathhouse directly depends on their state of health.
If you are prescribed procedures with complete warming of the body, and this is not always possible, then having an object in the apartment will help. In addition, the opportunity to simply steam for pleasure can attract its supporters. Nowadays you can buy almost anything, as long as you have money. In this case, an infrared sauna is an expensive purchase . In addition, the price depends on the name of the manufacturer. Will even those who need it really have to save money for a long time? In fact, there is a solution: make a sauna with your own hands.

How to choose and install an infrared shower cabin?

How to choose and install an infrared shower cabin?

In this article you will learn how to choose wisely and how to install an infrared shower stall correctly. We tried to select for you the most important points and tips that will be relevant for different models of apartment saunas.

A sauna in an apartment is your zone of bliss

Until recently, saunas and showers were available mainly only to very wealthy people. Today, a lot of different models have appeared, which has resulted in a reduction in the cost of this element of luxury and comfort. What is an infrared shower cabin? This is a shower stall that has the added function of an infrared sauna. Such a purchase will be very useful for everyone, as you can relax after a difficult day at work, restore muscles after intense training and simply improve your health.

Why is it better to install an infrared sauna instead of a bath?

The following reasons speak in favor of installing an infrared sauna/shower cabin in the bathroom:

  • Firstly, it will take you much less time to take a shower anyway.
  • Secondly, installing a shower stall saves space, which can be used in some useful way.
  • Thirdly, you can either take a shower or steam in the sauna.
  • Fourth, showering requires much less water than taking a bath.

How to choose an infrared shower cabin?

Before we move on to considering the question of how to install a shower stall, you need to figure out how to buy it correctly! Here are the main requirements for saunas that should be considered when choosing:

  • Financial side. It all starts with money: find out in advance the cost of the shower stall itself and its installation so that you understand the costs and create a cost estimate.
  • Dimensions. When purchasing an infrared sauna with shower, start by measuring the available space in your home. This way you can definitely draw up a diagram of your future bathroom and avoid the headaches associated with exchanging or returning goods.
  • Type. There are different types of shower cabins with a built-in sauna: adjacent and separate. The first are cabins in which the sauna is combined with a shower, and the second are when the sauna and shower are separated by a wall and represent 2 devices in one cabin.
  • Form. Cabins come in a variety of shapes: hexagonal, rectangular, corner - this allows the buyer to choose a cabin that best suits the bathroom. This way you can also get additional free space.
  • Design. When choosing an infrared shower cabin, you need to take into account the design of your bathroom so that the purchased cabin fits perfectly into the interior.
  • Interior finishing material. Sauna linings are usually made from natural materials, which add a pleasant aroma to your treatments. However, there are models whose walls are made of glass or special plastic.
  • Additional functions. Modern mini-saunas have a wide range of options: radio, telephone, built-in display, bactericidal lamp, multimedia player, etc. Such functions are very convenient and will probably be useful to many of you, so think about what you really need.

The heating temperature in infrared saunas usually varies from 30 to 60 degrees. It is important to know that in such saunas it is not the air that is heated, but the human body itself. That is, during the procedure it is easy for you to breathe, but your body receives the same effect as in a regular Russian bath.

Connecting an infrared shower cabin

If you have already chosen and purchased the desired model of infrared shower cabin, now is the time to find out how to connect it. Installation of a sauna, depending on the model, can be either simple or complex. For wooden saunas without a shower, this process resembles a construction set, since all elements are installed according to the instructions in certain grooves. Finally, you simply plug the device into a power outlet and start using it. However, there are models of infrared cabins that require more complex installation. So let's look at how to assemble and connect a shower stall with an infrared sauna?

  1. Preparing the connection site. Initially, you need to select and then prepare the installation location. Hot and cold water pipes, a drain and an outlet must be connected to the area of ​​the house or apartment you have determined.
  2. Unpacking the cabin. At this stage, it is very important to carefully remove everything from the original packaging without breaking, damaging or scratching all the elements of the cabin.
  3. Pallet installation. According to the standards, the sauna tray must be installed level, adjusting the inclination using the legs. At the same time, we prepare everything for connection to the sewerage system (siphon, corrugation). We move the pallet a little away from the walls to make it convenient to install the cabin.
  4. Preparing cabin elements. Remove all protective cellophane and tapes in advance, screw all the components to the walls: speakers, soap dish, shelves, door bumpers and other small items that come with the kit.
  5. Cabin assembly. We begin to install the rear panels of our cabin on the pallet. All joining edges of these panels must be smeared with aquarium silicone, and then inserted into the grooves and tightened with bolts or self-tapping screws, which should be included in the kit. Attention, we are only screwing the side panels, there is no need to screw them to the pallet yet.
  6. Roof installation. We place the top panel on the side walls, align the edges and screw the roof onto the fasteners. After this, again, we align the position of the structure below on our pallet and screw them to each other.
  7. We connect plumbing and electrical. First we connect all the wires, and then we move on to connecting the water supply pipes. Be sure to check the electrical functionality before installing the cabin to the wall.
  8. Completion of assembly. We install the cabin in the desired location and connect it to the sewerage system. Next, it is necessary to additionally seal all joints of the joints from the inside and outside to avoid water leakage. Then we install the shower doors.

As you can see, the whole process is quite labor-intensive and can take an inexperienced craftsman a lot of time, so consider entrusting this task to professionals.

How much does it cost to install a shower stall? The price for this service depends on the cabin model and other issues that may arise during the assembly process. You can always check with your sales consultants for the approximate price of installing shower cabins with an infrared sauna.

If something in your shower stall does not work after installation, we recommend checking that you did everything correctly. If a breakdown is not detected, it is better to contact a specialist who will quickly figure out what’s wrong.

Fire safety and other standards

If you are concerned about the effect of infrared rays on the human body or you are concerned about the fire safety of such saunas, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with GOST R 50571.7.701-2013. In it you will find the requirements for infrared saunas and showers. It would be right if you started buying a booth by studying this regulatory document.

Are infrared rays dangerous for humans?

All experts call infrared radiation natural, that is, natural, so it cannot harm our body in moderate doses. This radiation can be compared to the sun's rays, without which humanity simply could not live. However, this type of saunas and showers still has contraindications.

It is not recommended to take infrared saunas if:

  • Oncological diseases.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Hypertension.
  • Infectious diseases.

Attention, before taking infrared saunas you should consult your doctor!

Where can I buy?

The Zona Sports online store offers a wide range of infrared saunas and showers at reasonable, low prices. Moreover, this product has certification and excellent quality, which customers will definitely appreciate. Another advantage of our market is delivery throughout the Russian Federation, so it doesn’t matter what region of the country you are from - within a few days after placing your order you can enjoy taking a bath at home.

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DIY infrared sauna

Let's start with the fact that a do-it-yourself infrared sauna is usually built for 1-2 people.
And the point here is not that there is not enough space in the apartment. It’s just that the very concept of a bathhouse is unacceptable in this case. You can call it whatever you like, but in reality it will be a sauna. When you have your own country house and it already has a place for a steam room, then it couldn’t be simpler: you buy an infrared heater, install it in the right place and the sauna is ready.

This is a little more difficult in an apartment. Either plan the location of the future bathhouse in advance, or redesign it again. The new object will require a schema . The layout of the sauna with cabin is carefully planned to avoid misunderstandings during construction.

Basic recommendations to consider when equipping a sauna

Since infrared saunas are not uncommon, a certain list of small recommendations has already been created that will help avoid the most common mistakes when creating such a room.

  1. Saunas with infrared devices do not require additional insulation. They just need to be well sealed so that there is no free circulation of air in the room.
  2. Installation of infrared emitters and lighting devices should be carried out only after thoroughly cleaning the fully finished cabin.
  3. You should start building an infrared sauna only after creating a carefully thought-out diagram, which will take into account all the aspects of the final design. This will help minimize the number of errors and eliminate time-consuming changes.
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